Tagung: „Media Ethics“ in Chicago

Im Rahmen der Jahrestagung der International Communication Association (ICA) findet eine Preconference mit dem Titel „Media Ethics“ am 21.05.2009 in Chicago statt.
Hauptveranstalter ist die ICA Philosophy of Communication Division.

The preconference will bring together communication scholars, media theorists, journalists, and practitioners to collectively consider the question of media ethics. Ethics has recently emerged as a central concern in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in various subsets of media and communication studies. An increasing number of scholars are now involved in issues directly pertaining to the relation of media and ethics while drawing on various philosophical traditions. While ethical issues have accompanied the development of media studies from its inception and, agreement on a broad conceptual framework for media ethics is still to be established and a broad dialogue between theoretical perspectives on ethics and contemporary media practitioners yet to be achieved. The preconference will provide a platform for such an attempt.

Das Programm und Angaben zur Anmeldung sind hier abrufbar.
Eine Gesamtübersicht der Pre-Conferences finden Sie hier.

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