Call for book chapter proposals: „Contemporary Media Ethics: A Practical Guide for Students, Scholars and Professionals in the Globalized World“

6927156Die Herausgeber Mitchell Land, Koji Fuse
(Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas)
und Bill W. Hornaday (School of Journalism, Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.) planen den zweiten Band einer Publikationsreihe mit dem Titel: »Contemporary Media Ethics: A Practical Guide for Students, Scholars and Professionals in the Globalized World, 2nd ed.«
Autoren und Autorinnen sind aufgerufen, ihre Beiträge dazu einzureichen.

Auszug aus dem CFP:

The second edition of Contemporary Media Ethics will include new cases — most, if not all — in various areas of mass communications: (1) print and broadcast news media, (2) the Internet and social media, (3) advertising and public relations, (4) entertainment media, and (5) global media and international communication. This is a major revision. Living in the globalized world where different cultures and values constantly clash, we must carefully reflect on our ethnocentric ways of resolving an ethical conflict, become aware of various non-utilitarian approaches to decision making, and hone our skills in moral imagination. Appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate courses in media ethics, the second edition tries to expose its readers to non-Western and non-dominant Western  philosophies in comparison with utilitarianism—the dominant philosophical framework of U.S. or Western mass communications practices—in order to make them realize how useful the non-utilitarian approaches, whether non-Western or Western, are to break an impasse in our moral reasoning.

Die Publikationssprache ist Englisch.
Das Buch wird von Marquette Books LLC verlegt.
Einreichungsfrist ist der 01.Dezember 2010.

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